65 different tutorials for making “Cartoon” Characters


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Photoshop command CALCULATIONS. Removing backgrounds. Links and text instructions

Here’s some places to check to help learn to use the Photoshop command CALCULATIONS.

This is arguably the most difficult of Photoshop techniques. It is not useable for all backgrounds on pictures and artwork, and, different instructions by various sources use a different approach so the method can be confusing.  Even the Adobe people use the method differently than other so called “recognized” authorities (Authorata!).  🙂

My experience is; this is the best method for clearing backgrounds and other areas, however there is usually some additional clean-up to really finish the work professionally. Think of it this way; Calculations uses the mathematics of Photoshop on each pixel to identify a path, rather than you using your hand-eye coordination to draw a path.

     Here’s a Tip from me, Jimmy J.J. James.  If you have a complex background, cut out the majority of it with some tool like eraser or lasso etc. Then you can try these Calculations techniques on the portion remaining.

Also, a very good practice session before you dive into using Calculations is the first site in the list.


  The pic with the eagle can be moved into your Photoshop and if you have the screen space reduce the instructions to fit the side of your screen and follow the list of tasks in your actual program

The following list includes some explanations with text only.

This works for early editions of PS with slight changes, mostly by searching the menus for the commands that have been moved in newer versions.

Start here:

Best for background removes:

Text and screenshots:

Complex masking made easy with channels and calculations. Posted by: Andrei Oprinca August 21, 2010:

“This tutorial will show you how to mask complex objects on single color backgrounds using alpha channels and image calculations and remove color cast. This technique can be applied to subtract objects from complex backgrounds too. You will not even need the brush tool.
This is a technique that I’ve seen on a DVD but it was applied on portrait retouching and the purpose was different.
On more complex backgrounds you will need to use this technique using additional tools like the brush tool and other selection techniques like Color Range.
Although it looks like it’s a long tutorial, once you practice this, you can do all these actions in less than a minute.
This is the result that you will get using the channels masking technique.”


1.) Removing objects with Calculations

2.) (*Important technique) Removing the color cast in Photoshop. Important method of deleting color edges of selections taken from single color backgrounds. The CALCULATIONS command can leave in the selection, a rim (slight edge) of color around an object, or a color cast, usually “reflected” background color.

Watch these in the proper order:

Techniques for removing backgrounds.



Photoshop Top 40 #33 – Calculations
lynda.com lynda.com


Photoshop Top 40 #32 – The Pen Tool
lynda.com lynda.com


Photoshop Top 40 #31 – The Brush Tool
lynda.com lynda.com


How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop. Very good site for various masking and “cutting-out”. Also and nice list of links for other processes in thotoshop.  The short list is here:

The list above is linked.

http://www.graphic-design-employment.com   This is the HOME page. Don’t let “employment” in the title stop you, it has a LOT of other information (long with tips about getting a design job).

Select the picture to get to the site.









text and example:
How to use calculations in Photoshop to help mask from channels
Posted on June 19, 2009
When using channels to mask an object from a fairly simple background but one that is too complex for the wand or color range tools there is a technique that can be used to cut down the amount of time you spend brushing into the areas you want to mask and the calculations command is the key to this, here’s how it works.
Text explanation of calculations:

Explanation of Apply Image:



  • Darken through Darker Color — These are the additive modes that will add an image to the layers below.
  • Lighten through Lighter Color — These are subtractive modes that lighten the layers below using the current layer.
  • Overlay through Hard Mix — These are lighting modes.
  • Difference through Divide — These are negative effects.
  • Hue through Luminosity — These are color modes.

Photoshop /

Extract an object from its background.


free tutorials.

Good information for Pre and Post CS5 adobe programs.

***Free Book pdf that is very useful for ALL versions of Creative Suite/Photoshop etc. etc. (including MOST everything in CS6).  CHECK THE INDEX for a nice chapter or three about calculations and related retouching tasks. The CALCULATIONS COMMAND information starts about page 370, however, there is a lot of material regarding various masking technique and deleting parts of a picture on the pages before and after. You can check within the index for this book right in this blogs embeded pdf or the download address for the complete volume is at end of this section.

Masking with the Calculations Command for Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-On-One

DOWNLOAD LINK for FULL PdF. To the address line below add to the beginning of it      http://www.



adobe text only instructions.

  • Blend channels with the Calculations command
  • Blending layers and channels
  • Blend channels with the Apply Image command
  • Add and Subtract blending modes


Several good methods, especially if you don’t want the “basic vanilla one click” Black and White built in looks . Nice stuff for unique B/W treatments


Short explanation FROM ADOBE WEB PAGE:


The calculation commands perform mathematical operations on the corresponding pixels of two channels (the pixels with identical locations in the image) and then combine the results in a single channel. Two concepts are fundamental to understanding how the calculation commands work.

  • Each pixel in a channel has a brightness value. The Calculations and Apply Image commands manipulate these values to produce the resulting composite pixels.
  • These commands overlay the pixels in two or more channels. Thus, the images used for calculations must have the same pixel dimensions


–Apparently WordPress has decided to put some advertising in the middle of my posts. Sorry.  If I had a way, I would delete all advertising on the Internet, and, recommend readers not click on it.– J.J.J.J.

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POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL. Photoshop and other digital manipulation software

POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL. Photoshop instruction about deleting backgrounds, cleaning up edges and combining several artworks/pictures. This instruction is related to Scrap-booking, Collage, Compositing, as well as, deleting areas of the file.

High Definition in this WordPress blog:  Start the video>Expand the screen>increase the definition to the highest (720)

YouTube HIGH DEFINITION version here: http://youtu.be/qEVexfDBPAo

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Photoshop, Illustrator FREE or Shareware, or Commercial. But Mostly FREE.

GTH blog additions November 2017.  Keep those cards and letters rollin’ in! JJJJ

Monster Link Collection.

PC and Mac

Photoshop Illustrator FREE or Shareware, or Commercial. But Mostly FREE. IMPORTANT: I use the term “scripts” to mean: Brushes Vectors Ebooks Fonts GFX Gradients Patterns Plugins Shapes Styles Tutorials filters files utilities backgrounds presets Banner, Flowers, Animal, Design, Colorful, Abstract, Patterns etc.etc.

So if you see “Scripts” that usually means something you can use and download and use (without programming). It’s a catch word for all the things you can use really

If you are looking specifically for ILLUSTRATOR, search the blog by that word and you’ll find a good size collection specifically for Illustrator efforts. Most of the sites listed will have Illustrator and other graphics materials listed somewhere within the links

Also– if you can/want/feel like it, make a donation to the site you download from

I have NO business connection with any of these sites. It’s just part of the list of URL’s I’ve collected for 10 plus years

Also–Some of the sites may be “404” or “not found”.  by entering the address from the http to the dot com and ignore what’s after the dot com

You Will Find some 404’s or “not found” (web sites disappear) on Get The Hook!

I keep them for power users who may want to search a truncated (shortened) URL address.  Try searching without any address after the dot com Usually you can get to the home page and go from there.

If it’s still not appearing I keep the un-clickable addresses as search terms. Serious searchers might get a lead to a topic.  Thanks. JJJJ

Keep in mind these are not necessarily NEW. This is on purpose. You can pull a lot of info and ideas from them

(> my annotations after the arrowhead)

300+ Free Hi-Res grunge textures you’ve never seen before! Design. >What it says


350+ Brushes, Textures, and Fonts: Massive Hand Drawn Roundup | Design Reviver > PHOTOSHOP/ADOBE/OTHER PHOTO PROGRAMS ALL FILES Actions Plugins Brushes Text Textures Scripts

Fred ImageMagick Scripts > HUGH collection of everything a beginner could want.  You Experts, combine some of these filters for original looks. Many downloadable scripts with examples

Photoshop Filters-AmphiSoft Filters > Retouch method and examples


Photo Retouch Retouch Yellow Skin tu-torial.com

Most Blatant Uses of Photoshop in Magazines Ads – YourCover

>retouching before and after – Google Search

>retouching examples-illustrates subtle tricks- very good

PhotoshopDisasters > Photoshop various

Ezphotoshop.info   Photoshop Tutorials and Resource > PHOTOSHOP ADOBE OTHER PHOTO PROGRAMS ALL FILES French Language and English

bounce flash for the built in popup flash on Nikon Canon Pentax > Photoshop Tutorials Tips Tricks Sites Art info

Adobe Photoshop Help > Esoteric material for the cell biology picture taking crowd

>Browsing Photoshop Actions on deviantART

GTH blog additions 11-’17
100 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials
By Creative Bloq Staff May 09, 2017 Digital art
OK site . Personal observation from experience: Watch that your own style/creativity is not mushed into someone who’s already been in that place, done that kind of thing. Otherwise this is a widely popular BLOG for artists up there with Deviantart. I prefer the unknown sites and blogs, “artists” …whatever… and going in person to places and seeing a different way without a screen absorbing and manipulating whats really there in front of me.

Crop Circle Photoshop Brushes > All kinds of brushes

Curvemeister Downloads Free CURVES and Tutorials > Excellent site for those who use CURVES in their digital manipulation

Digg – Photoshop Create fake Crop Circles > Sadly, this site is not showing the crop circle brushes, however there are many other useable ideas for designers. Select the HOME button

Directory of plugins for illustrator. >Many

Graphic Identity Tutorials How to Install Photoshop Brush Set > Tut and links and ideas

Grunge Style In Modern Web Design Graphics Smashing Magazine > Tut and downloads

How to Manage Plug-Ins in Photoshop with Shortcuts > From ABOUT.COM has links and tuts

Jay Arraich Photoshop Tips – 7 Art History Brush > Many downloadable things, scripts with examples

Layers Magazine – The How-To Magazine for Everything Adobe. >Layers

Photo-Based Art – ACTIONS, Photo-Art Photoshop ACTIONS The Mother of a (…) > Many downloadable Adobe actions, etc. etc., scripts with examples. More

photoshop – Rapidshare files

photoshop actions – Google Image Search > Search “Illustrator” for Many downloadable scripts with examples

Photoshop actions 124+ Free Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Designs > I particularly like the PANOS actions. Check out his web site. Nice person and approachable by email

Photoshop Brushes 150+ High Quality Free Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop File Extensions > Photoshop various
– Google Search > Organization search for PS tools etc


Organizing graphic design files and folders – > How to best organize just about anything. Many of the links are broken , so try just the name ending in dot com. Some of the links are commercial, HP has some material but if you dig into this site you can find a lot of PS and AI material

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts PhotoshopSupport.com > Many downloadable scripts with examples

Photoshop lighting > Tuts. Commercial site with some examples and videos

Planet Photoshop > Everything PS and AI. Freebees,tuts etc.etc

Russell Brown. Cool Links > Many downloadable scripts with examples

stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography site > Tuts. Many downloadable scripts with examples

The Plugin Site – Free Photoshop-compatible Plugins > One of my favorites and a must for the beginning (and expert) PS and AI user. (Might fill a Terabyte drive 🙂 )

The Plugin Site – Products > Associated with above. Many downloadable scripts with examples

The Russell Brown Show > Tuts. Many

The very best Photoshop tips tricks » Photoshop Ninja – Expert Photo (…) > Many

1000s of Free Photoshop Plugins Filters MegaList Graphic Design Bl (…) > What it says

Huge List of Adobe Illustrator Plugins Filters Tools. > What it says

Photoshop » downTURK Kalite indir – Best downloads > I like this site. Really hokey Eastern European graphics

Plug in organizer > Tech material about hex, extensions, and working with a plugin organizer. Plugin commander was free for the lite version. No info on current versions but the site has always been responsive to the real internet where free was the normal

Plugins — ImageJ Documentation >
IMAGE J. Great free program. Used mainly by “scientists” and has a science feel to it. I use it and it has a fairly steep learning curve and isn’t as “pretty” as the commercial stuff, but, it has a lot of power and should be looked at if only for it’s “feel” and ideas. Everything about the program starts at this site

Steve Desktop Photography – Plug-Ins – FF Galleries Collections > Commercial and free stuff

The 9 Free Things Every Site (or Lens!) Should Do > Search this site (it’s kind of blog site) for PS and AI freebees

The Photoshop Roadmap Blog > Many downloadable scripts with examples

The Plugin Site – Download Center > Form for requesting Downloads and list of free scripts

The Plugin Site – Free Photoshop-compatible Plugins

Tools for Managing your Filter Collection and Tips for Installing Filters… > About dot com tuts and tips. More links

Top 80 Photoshop Tools and Resources – Top 100 Directory > Retouch method and examples. Lots More Links

Before an after Portfolio > MUST SEE. How the professionals process an image. With roll-over ability that shows individual layers piled on one at a time. Great site for learning


Links and learning
>Photoshop various Google search. Retouching. Check Glenn Feron’s site

Category » Discussion « @ Richard Jeffery Photography

Worth1000.com Photoshop Contests Are you Worthy™ tutorial > Photoshop BEST Archives Individual SITES Photoshop

Adobe Family Blog 041808 > Links and information

Alien Skin Software, LLC > Commercial site. A Favorite software of mine. Trials and maybe some free downloads if you search the site and links

British Journal of Photography – professional photography news, camera (…) > Ideas

ChainStyle Photoshop Resources > Free downloads, tuts and links

Digital Camera Reviews and Digital Photography Techniques > Ideas

Digital Camera Sensor Sizes How it Influences Your Photography > Great site. Information on how the sensor size of digital cameras affect the output. Tuts and links

digitalcameras.com > commercial site for camera sales

Edges Fx Plugin – Mehdi – Plugins Photoshop > Free stuff. Lots

Flaming Pear Software > Ideas and scripts. Some of the examples can be downloadedfree from other sites

Links from the Graphicxtras.com

National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) > All kinds of free and commercial Adobe scripts

Omar Radwan – Consultant, Designer, Artist, Musician, Photographer, and (…) > I Happen to like Omar. He’s been around a long time on the internet. He’ll respond to questions. Links and ideas

Photography Digital Camera Reviews, Learn Photography, Photo Galleries (…) > What is says

RoughCut Font Collection > FREE huge collection of fonts

Search for photoshop anthology > Free PS book on PDF

STUDIO7DESIGNS Current Trends and Design News Blog » 101 Design resour (…) > Photoshop FREE (???) PlugIns Actions Brushes other Presets

FreePhotoshop – Adobe Photoshop plugins and filters reviews > Now autoFX.com, so less freebut check the site links

How to install plug-ins in Photoshop > ALL KINDS of links to FREE scripts

MeeSoft > Good effects Free and cheap shareware

muhteva forum-muhteva.com.eğitim, ödev ve inanç portalı > Photoshop Tutorials Sites Art info. Mystery site. Has some downloads from a foreign site. I don’t know if it’s a warez thing or not. Worth a try. Scroll down to the PS section

30 Beautiful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials – Six Revisions

30 Great Free Paper Backgrounds and Textures > Free Effects

Adobe – Design Center Using Flash for the first time. > Adobe Tuts

Adobe Photoshop – Every Tool Explained – Free PDF Ebooks Download > What is says

Adobe Photoshop Actions and Scripts – Download free actions and scripts

Download PhotoEchoes 2.0 – PhotoEchoes is a digital Kaleidoscope. > Free downloads, links, scripts

> Free ACTIONS. Good site

> Free Photoshop – Illustrator Resources, Ebooks, Borders in stencil. Check Home page for more

Free Photoshop Plugins – Adobe Photoshop Plugins DIRECTORY Photoshop. > What it says

Free Photoshop Shapes Downloads – Mega List of Free Custom Vector Shapes

G4 – Feature – Make Crop Circles in Photoshop > If you get this Flash to load making crop circle designs can be interesting. You can use text, pix etc.

Graffiti Fonts – Graffiti Fonts > Wild Style! Takes me back to my days bombing in the railroad yard. Free Graf fonts

Photoshop Needed > Many links.In French. Brushes (somewhat blue)

Photoshop Photo Effects Chiseled Images Crop Circles Tutorial > FREE Tut. This is one of the only “crop circle” type tuts I have found. There’s others, I just haven’t found them

Photoshop Tips Trashing the Preferences File CreativePro.com > Old site but if you want to go retro with your designs…

PHOTOSHOP TOOLBOX – 80+ Photoshop Tools and Resources > Photoshop various. What is says plus many other script links

11amDesign Tutorials and Articles – Add a Realistic Crop Circle To You (…) > Couldn’t get this to load. May be not working

Absolute cross tutorials > Many effects tuts. Text Effects. Photo Editing & Effects. Tools & Basics

Adobe Photoshop Brushes, Free Brushes, Photoshop Presets Photoshop CS3 (…) > What it says

Bowling Pins – Photoshop Tutorial > How to make a bowling pin. Works for me I’m usually in a alley or gutter anyway 🙂

CHECK THESE CS2 Tutorials > Might want to check for updates. Commercial sites however links can sometimes suprise you.

Troubleshooting and Solving Problems with Photoshop > Many Help Links. Free

> Fractals in real time. Free Fractals…

5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop. > Software Tutorials. Masking is difficult. Tuts here. There are scripts and utilities for masking, however working it in the program is the best way to learn before using the shortcut scripts.

53 Killer Photoshop Illustrator Effects and Tutorials. > What it says

Adobe Forums – Many Problems with Photoshop. > Adobe Site

Amara Software™ – Flash Player compatible Animation Software > commercial. Inexpensive software. Check current home page for discounts. Some free tuts and links. (long time internet site)

> FYI. Most all Adobe info is online. If you deep search you will find e-books and PDF’s Free. Amazon and other book sellers let you look at the index. Get your ideas for searches from there

Animated GIF Archive – Animations – 4th_July WebDeveloper.com ® > Animations for days. Many. Links. Check home page for more

Beckham Digital > Good links and Tuts

color conversion (RGB CMYK Greyscale)

Create Adobe® PDF Online. > Might work(!?)

creativepro.com, Resources for Creative Professionals > Sign up for FREE. Free stuff. Links

Disco Ball > Free. Who wouldn’t want a free mirror ball? Home page has Links. Many

Freebyte Guide to…Free Graphics Software, Images, Clipart, etc > FREE. Lots of free scripts

good source Tutorials Smashing Magazine > Search needed by topic. Large site. Lots of variety here

Graphic Identity» Graphic Design Articles Free Design Box > Illustrator tuts and fonts

Graphics.com The shared resource for creative design > Huge link collection to FREE scripts

***Send me the answer to this: How can I draw online and share it real-time with others?

How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop > Tut. Links. Check Home page for more


How to Design in CMYK While in RGB Mode in Photoshop on Technorati > Apparently an Adult content Tutorial (but I didn’t look…)

How to Eliminate the Lines Around a Transparent GIF in Photoshop > Tut. and a good one

How To Suck Less at Photoshop > Many links. Blog by Gina Trapani who is a Professional in the field. (of Adobe, not sucking at Photoshop)

How To Whiten Teeth And Eyes – Retouching Portraits. > Dude, teeth are tough to do right. Good tut

Jay Arraich’s Photoshop Tips > Links to free things

PHOTOSHOP 911 Text on a path or circle > Good TUTs

Photoshop newbie – Tech Support Forums – TechIMO.com > dig here for links to tuts and scripts. Check the homepage search for specifics

Photoshop Ninja – Expert Photoshop tips and tricks > ***IMPORTANT. beginners and experts alike don’t understand SCRATCH DISKS! It is important to have this set up properly on your computer. Unless you are a comp hard drive/memory expert or work in some celestial weird zone (cloud) you need a scratch disk. They are not fun, just necessary. READ THIS!

Photoshop Tutorials Adobe Photoshop Plugins > Many links. Scripts. Paid and free

Photoshop Tutorials videos > Tuts and many links to scripts

Photoshop Workflow > Good info here about FLOW. Links

Planet PDF – Reducing PDF File Size > Tut on pdf. Good especially if you send your work finished via PDF. Old site. Check for updated info

Rap Diamonds, bling in Photoshop > What it says

> Introduction to designing for material (shirts etc.) Pretty much all here for whatever site you use. Check your commercial printers mechanicals (requirements) before STARTING a design. Trust me on this one, you’ll save a lot of time knowing/working correctly from the start

Script Graffiti fonts dafont.com > FREE fonts forever…

SitePoint New Articles, Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designe. > FYI

SnapFiles – software reviews, download freeware and free trial program > Warez. Might be worth a search

Software to create Flash Animations – Flash Buttons – Flash Effects > What it says. Free and Paid. Many links

The ultimate photoshop resource list part 3 actions. > Free. Scroll down for links to part 1 and 2. Many brushes and patterns and links

The world’s biggest post about Photoshop (PSDs, textures, tutorials. > OK. If they say so…

Varian Dreamview DreamTools Toys > Nice list of free and paid utilities for design. Monitor B/W calibrator (somewhat rare) Links within the different categories

Video Tutorial How to install and use photoshop actions > What it says

Your Guide to Adobe Bridge Importing

Photoshop Working with CMYK Ink Density > Photoshop various. Bridge info. Links

Worth1000.com Photoshop Contests Are you Worthy™ home page > Retouch method and examples Always a good site. Links. Scripts. Ideas. Many

Celebrity Retouching 10 Reasons to Revise Your Reality > Should be required reading for every schoolgirl. Links. Ideas and how it’s done

gabrieleponti.com > Old site but well known. Free software and utilities. Not so much for graphics

***Last but not least for now, one of my favorite sites for demonstration and artistic design (and straight retoughing) is from Glenn Feron. Let the portfolio load and mouse over the finished pictures to see what he had to work with at first.

Glenn Feron – The Art of Retouching > One of my FAVORITE “don’t believe anything you see” sites. Glenn is very approachable and a nice person. He responds to questions. Be certain to mouse over the examples 🙂


Here’s some additional sites as I find them in my travels:


MAC everything for photography and Mac computer performance guide. ARTICLES. Review this if you use a mac. Good site.




Background, Banner, Flowers, Animal, Design, Colorful, Abstract, Patterns



Start here for an overview.  Many, many links and scripts.  OLD site but with a Good collection of basic and advanced links.



What colors work with what other colors. Links and examples.



Vector drawing programs




Keystrokes, tips and speeding up Photoshop (and other programs) with graphic examples.  These are sites you can review as your skills require and your creative ability expands.


Some advanced ideas and a nice link to Eastern European Vector exhibit



The new Adobe® Exchange is a Creative Suite extension marketplace. Free and otherwise illustrator and creative suite plug-ins, scripts and other extensions. This lets you search for all manner of Adobe related scripts.



All kinds of techniques and free scripts.  This is a nice site to page through for ideas on color, composition, font manipulation etc. etc.



FREE vector images (many) and PS Brushes (many).



All kinds of free cheat sheets tools, filters, scripts etc



Free Photoshop and Illustrator. Free Adobe. Lots of Bells and Whistles for free sign-up.


The HOME page: http://www.graphic-design-employment.com

This list is linked and click-able:



Print Process



InDesign, Quark

PDF Files


Web Design

This is a site with tuts.



Start at this web address (above) and select the subject from the right side of the page. Click that link. Subjects are listed (below).

Photoshop Tutorials:

Flare Text Effect
Hue and Saturation Control
Layer Blending
Pixelation Effect
Smart Objects
TV Scanline Effect
Abstraction with Perspective Transform
Smearing Glow Text Effect
Smearing Glow Effect in Abstractions
Futuristic Abstractions
Futuristic Abstractions II
Grunge I
Grunge II
Grunge III
Grunge IV
Photographic Abstraction I
Photographic Abstraction II
Grunge Text Effect Tutorial I (HD VIDEO)
Grunge Text Effect Tutorial II (HD VIDEO)
Grunge Text Effect Tutorial III (HD VIDEO)
Particle Beam Tutorial I (HD VIDEO)
Particle Beam Tutorial II (HD VIDEO)
Particle Beam Tutorial IV (HD VIDEO)
Particle Beam Tutorial III (HD VIDEO)
Photo Retouching Tutorial I (HD VIDEO)
Photo Retouching Tutorial II (HD VIDEO)
Photo Retouching Tutorial III (HD VIDEO)
Case Study //: Blossom Storm
Case Study //: Leviathan
Case Study //: Afterburner Commence
Luxury Gold Text Effect
Advanced Make Up Tutorial


Clipping Mask (updated for CS4)
Dashed Lines (updated for CS4)
Color & Shape Blending Tool (updated for CS4)
Envelope Distort
Global Color Swatches
Placing Images
Rounded Corners
Transform Again (IMPROVED)
Crop Marks (updated for CS4)
Type on a Path
Type Wrap (updated for CS4)
Artboard Tool (CS4+)
Transform Again (HD VIDEO)
Using math calculations in Illustrator (HD VIDEO)
Art Board Tool Tutorial (HD VIDEO)
Angled Guides in Illustrator and more…(HD VIDEO)
Spiral Tool Tutorial (HD VIDEO)
Great Typographic Controls in Illustrator (HD VIDEO)
Getting Illustrator files print ready

Web Design Tutorials

XHTML Basics

This is a good how-to site that uses text lessons.  Recommended for getting some 411 on the topics listed above.


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Central American Wilderness Adventure

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Bulgarian Adventure

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Media…pimps run free and good men die like dogs

Kennedy center detail sculpture   ” The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason.”

    Which is more or less true. For the most part, they are dirty little animals with huge brains and no pulse.

From Hunter S. Thompson’s, Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the ’80s (New York: Summit Books, 1988).

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An Idea who’s time has come. This is what I like to do, help people who may not be able to do things themselves. If you are a “social” person, please spread the word through other “social media” Thanks

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roller skating.  Funny.

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