Stop animations on google search pages.

Stop animations on google search pages. For FIREFOX Browser users

GIF animations like MOST of the google animations are fun to watch, once or twice. There are many who want to search without distractions and sometimes kiddie cartoons. Not everyone who uses google search wants that. For FIREFOX browser users–DO THIS:

In the address bar (where the www’s are), type-> about:config

There is a window that has a warning. The possibilities of you doing anything to the browser is 100000000000 to 1. Not to worry. Check ok.

There is a long alphabetical list.

1.) Scroll to this: image.animation_mode

2.) At the top it says Value, and at the line with image.animation_mode is should say normal

3.) Right click on normal

4.) Click on MODIFY

5.) Erase normal and type in none

6.) X out of the pages and go to google home page and check to see in the animation is stopped.

More information about stopping various movements, movies, other animation files…start here:

About Jimmy J.J. James Washington DC Research is donation only. There are no fees, no charges, no hourly rates, none. Free help finding information in DC from Government, Museums etc. family research. Findings are from physical facilities, offices and sites in the DC area. Original sources, writings and unusual facets of a subject or person or location are lost, changed, inaccessible, or simply passed by as computer searches become new electronic repositories. There are however still brick and mortar archives, museums, libraries, monuments and Government locations that contain a fantastic amount of non-electronic surprises. Embassies, Trade Missions, Diplomatic offices are wealth of International information you will not find online. Why am I doing this? I am a retired writer and photographer, a longtime DC resident interested in DC culture and history, and in the knowledge contained in museums, archives, government offices, facilities and other sources of free information that Washington DC has to offer. Not everyone has the opportunity or ability to work in the District of Columbia. Hopefully I can pass on some of this accessible knowledge to you. My research, time and experience are free. If you can afford to, please help keep the site working, donate. Some of the things I do: I can send you original non-copyright photographs of locations, specific places and graphite rubbing of names chiseled into monuments. I can send you interior photos of Art Galleries, building design and anywhere and that allows pictures. I can't tell you your business etc. but I'll try to get you within one degree of the original detail you are looking for. Also, I won't write your school term paper, but if you know of something here you need I'll try to locate it for you.
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