Stop animations on google search pages.

Stop animations on google search pages. For FIREFOX Browser users

GIF animations like MOST of the google animations are fun to watch, once or twice. There are many who want to search without distractions and sometimes kiddie cartoons. Not everyone who uses google search wants that. For FIREFOX browser users–DO THIS:

In the address bar (where the www’s are), type-> about:config

There is a window that has a warning. The possibilities of you doing anything to the browser is 100000000000 to 1. Not to worry. Check ok.

There is a long alphabetical list.

1.) Scroll to this: image.animation_mode

2.) At the top it says Value, and at the line with image.animation_mode is should say normal

3.) Right click on normal

4.) Click on MODIFY

5.) Erase normal and type in none

6.) X out of the pages and go to google home page and check to see in the animation is stopped.

More information about stopping various movements, movies, other animation files…start here:

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