Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign?

Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign? What to use for different things.
Read a complete comparison of these graphics programs at the link above. ↑↑↑ Also describes common misconceptions and mistakes.
The short version from that text is below. ↓↓↓

Photoshop is generally used for:

Photo enhancement
Photo color correction Software
Web/Mobile UI design
Web graphics
Motion graphics
Special effects

Illustrator is generally used for:

Insignia design
Type setting for stationary systems
print campaigns
Web graphics
Motion graphics
Vector paintings

Indesign is generally used for:

Editorial design
Book design
Multiple page brochures
Annual reports
Interactive PDF documents


More complete comparisons below ↓↓↓

◊ Illustrator vs. Indesign ◊

Illustrator does not have master pages.
Illustrator cannot define page numbers.
Indesign cannot draw objects as well as Illustrator.
Indesign does not have filters, as Illustrator does.
Indesign has superior type wrapping tools, while it maybe a bit confusing with Illustrator.

◊ Illustrator vs. Photoshop ◊

Illustrator has superior vector support, while Photoshop has limited.
Illustrator does better page layout than Photoshop.
*** Illustrator does not handle pixel art the same way as Photoshop does in terms of effects.
Photoshop is superior for photo enhancing.
Photoshop creates precise pixel based UI designs compared to Illustrator.
Illustrator supports multiple page output for PDF while Photoshop does not.
Photoshop layers is much straight forward than Illustrator. Organizing elements is much easier in Photoshop because of this.
Illustrator supports the “Place” (Importing graphics) command through dynamic file linking. Photoshop’s “Place” command is strictly embedded into the .PSD file and is not linked. This means that you can make changes to a certain file outside of Illustrator and you can reflect the changes in Illustrator using the Links panel. In Photoshop, whatever you place is permanent (credit to Kjell-Roger Ringstad for noticing this).
Illustrator exports .EPS file formats better than Photoshop.

◊ Indesign vs. Photoshop ◊

Indesign creates page layouts while Photoshop does not.
Indesign links elements or design objects from various locations in your hard drive. Photoshop does not. It is all placed in the document.
Indesign supports multiple pages for PDF and print. Photoshop is all one document.
Photoshop has filter effects while Indesign is limited.
Indesign supports XML, Photoshop does not.
Indesign supports vectors, imports .AI and .EPS with vector data encoded. In Photoshop this gets converted to paths or pseudo vector. The final output is still pixel based.
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