Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials

    These are links to many Free and Paid software programs that are used for building TUTORIALS.  The focus here is to give you a review of the many programs, add-ons, and methods to distribute a screencast (“Screencast” seems to be the newest way of saying, basically, You-tube Tutorial).    

The “best” and most full featured program in these links is CAMTASIA STUDIO.  It is a somewhat costly software for what it does, yet, price to return on the investment may be well worth it for most.  I personally use this software.

Tutorials come in many forms, from simple, single page word docs, PDF’s, power point style slide shows, and movie quality special effects videos.  This list is an overview, not a review, however you should be able to follow links to almost all the programs and methods currently used (1-4-2014) to make and get online your tutorial.

The first two are Google search result pages:{moz:distributionID}:{moz:locale}:{moz:official}#q=free+screencasting+tools+to+create+video+tutorials&rls=%7Bmoz:distributionID%7D:%7Bmoz:locale%7D:%7Bmoz:official%7D{moz:distributionID}:{moz:locale}:{moz:official}

     These are links to web sites, blogs, and other learning sites that are specific to tutorial making software.  Follow the links and look for the programs that repeat through these and drill into what might be best for you.  Remember–A Tutorial can be built with audio, video, flash, picture in picture, ASL, still photos, text and titles… OR NOT. 

     The complexity is up to you, so do not feel compelled to add all the flash, trash and kitchen sinks you can think of.  The best tuts are to the point.

>>>Note: this has some detractors.  Check the comments about this add-on to see if it’s suitable.  Not saying it isn’t a good script (I haven’t tried it yet), just saying…

Last but not least– all these programs and methods have some learning curve.  Look at the tutorial of each to see the complexity, and check honest reviews.

***My experience has show that it is very important knowing the format and file type of the final destination (web site, Youtube et. al. similar, blog site, etc. – BEFORE YOU RECORD.


>>> This is a program I use and recommend.  The learning curve is not too steep and there are lot of features. Apparently there is some kind of free or trial version.  With all free tools, be sure to check if the finished tutorial can be downloade/copied.  Some free programs allow you to make your production but do not offer you the option to place it.


This program is a good inexpensive alternative to Camtasia, however you would need to check with Ashampoo support as to how to download your finished tutorial (or other format) to the internet. 

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