2D Image to 3D model Conversion

     OK this is a little esoteric…However here are some links for converting a drawing on paper into a 3D image or 3D Model (using machines that make “print” physical pieces from software). There are a LOT of variations about how to do this and apparently each software has it’s own file types and methods.  SO… figure out what the best software for you is then focus on those instructions.

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     The following general information about 3d printing is re-posted from http://sitesupport.123dapp.com/entries/20536773-What-is-3D-printing- The 2D to 3D conversion instruction follows this general description.

Genenral description…What is 3D printing?

Josh Judkins
October 13, 2011

“3D printing is known by many names, additive fabrication, solid free form fabrication, rapid prototyping & more. It is the process of making an object by building very thin layers of material on top of each other. This is the opposite of more traditional manufacturing techniques like carving, machining or laser cutting, where material is removed to create a form.

First the digital 3D model is sliced into super-thin cross sectional layers. The printer then prints these layers, one at a time, from the bottom up until the model is complete. Build or support material (such as a powder or wax) is used to hold parts of your object which overhang, and is cleaned off the final model once it is complete.”


Different softwares are listed in the links below. 

There is a somewhat complete list here:



BEST as overall description:


>What it says



>You have to do some searching in the help files and forum to get to the how to.


>Good place to get a clue. 



>Uses specific (expensive for some $1000 plus) software. However, has a short instruction page and links, with step by step graphics. “The Web should be Free” thinkers like me might pull some useful info from these pages.



>Blender is free 3D software and has a Euro free feel to it and a pretty complete and knowledgeable crowd of followers.  The above is a method of instruction for drawing from paper to 3D using BLENDER.



>Good program. Fairly steep learning curve. Free. Check the forums.

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