InDesign tips I wish I’d known when starting out

“Adobe InDesign helps transform the written word into published work.”

     InDesign has been around for a long time.  The simplistic way of describing it is a desktop publisher; a newsletter maker, a brochure layout program, “flyers”.  

     This was the hot set-up 10 years ago and mostly the work landed on the bosses “Secretary’s” desk.  Think Madmen in the 1990’s.

     Interestingly the final product is still the same, newsletters, flyers, brochures etc., however it’s a LOT more complex as a software now and incorporates other graphics programs.

Below are links I have collected over time.

     HOWEVER, with InDesign, I have found the best way to search a task is to enter a search term into a search engine using the advanced search capability to drill into exactly the task (or portion of a task) you want. This is, by the way, a preferred Library of Congress method for searching:

     Enter the most complex search term possible and work backwards to less complex.

      Otherwise you will find yourself putting in a lot of time (which is OK for some) being led in non-precise “directions”.    


     Adobe InDesign tips I wish I’d known when starting out

     This is a a little old however an OK overview if you like/use/want to try an post

     “The Main Uses of InDesign  
     Since desktop publishing’s early days, graphic designers have relied on page-layout software to turn creative vision into creative output. Aldus PageMaker led the way in the 1980s. Its competitor QuarkXPress entered the market in 1987 and dominated it for a decade. In 1999, Adobe Systems launched Adobe InDesign, crafted to combine a fresh approach to design tasks with tools familiar to users of Adobe’s other software. Today, InDesign meets varied output targets for a wide range of audiences.” Elizabeth Mott, eHow Contributor


The HOME page:

This list is linked and click-able:


I like Layers magazine and this is a downloadable PDF. Very nice graphic (pix) way of showing the tools and the way to use them.  Do a quick review of this to get fresh about the methods used in InDesign. Well worth the time.


     “InDesign is a powerful design program with so many tools and features it can a bit tricky to find a topic to begin with. With this in mind, we’ve put together a collection of beginner guides on various InDesign topics like the best way to create a new document, how to import text and images and even useful advice on what to do when a document is corrupted and how to make comments and track changes. Work your way through the guides and you will be well on your way to mastering InDesign.”
     Good site. Many links.  Search it.


     Free “movie” tutorials with demo account


     If you like/use/want to try’s instructionals, there are many here as you move from page to page and link to link.  Apparently much of this links to “movie” tutorials.


     25 beginner-intermediate level tutorials which will get you more familiar with InDesign.

     links to printed tuts.


     InDesign Tutorials for Beginners

    More “movie” tutorials and some Adobe TV like/use/want to try  Also many links


     If you find links to WRITTEN InDesign instruction, of which recently there’s seems to be few (non-video, that is), please leave a comment with other links.  Thanks.  

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