POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL. Photoshop and other digital manipulation software

POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL. Photoshop instruction about deleting backgrounds, cleaning up edges and combining several artworks/pictures. This instruction is related to Scrap-booking, Collage, Compositing, as well as, deleting areas of the file.

High Definition in this WordPress blog:  Start the video>Expand the screen>increase the definition to the highest (720)

YouTube HIGH DEFINITION version here: http://youtu.be/qEVexfDBPAo

About HeadPin

Featured on Spreadshirt: Bowling Glam Design in the Marketplace for personalized shirts, hoodies etc and schwag. Everything we do in the art department is original and very little is retouched from canned photos and drawings. I am trying to present to you an alternative to the everyday and mundane. I hope you like it and the designs I constantly change as new ideas, scenes, the people scene of bowling changes.
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